Janice Pullicino is a fun, energetic, reliable, adventure seeking person that loves photography. She is currently studying Business Administration at Loyalist College and is working towards her diploma in  Business Administration Human Resources. She hopes to gain the necessary skills and tools to become more successful in operating her own business.

One of the business courses Janice is taking is Social Media and Emerging Technologies. This blog is her  social media blog in which she will be doing weekly assignments and posting them on here. Janice says “Social media is in everyday living, and it’s good to know where it comes from and why we use it”. If you are   interested in social media please feel free to read what Janice has posted on her thoughts about social media.

Janice has also had the opportunity to start her own photography business in which she loves. “It’s a pretty tough field to get into. There is a lot of competition out there. All you can do is bring everything you got and deliver the best customer service, experience and quality you can, and always stay one step ahead of your  competition. ” says Janice. She is hoping by entering the field of business she will gain a better understanding of business and apply it to her own business.


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