My Final Reflection

As the semester comes to an end, this is my final post for my Social Media and Emerging Technologies class. At the beginning of the semester the class was asked to do a blog post about their initial thoughts about social media and how it impacts businesses. This week’s blog is to write a reflection on your thoughts about social media now that we have completed the Social Media and Emerging Technologies course. In my post I will discuss if I feel the same as my first blog post and what I have learned about social media’s impact on businesses. I will also discuss what stood out the most and what I I will take from it moving forward.

With so many different social media sites out there I do agree with my original post about social media’s impact on businesses. They are a great way for business to interact with their customers and audience in a timely matter and a way to update their audience with frequent up to date information about their company. Making a social media plan before hand and sticking to the plan is a key factor for businesses to be successful in the social media world. Once they have a plan in place it will help them stay on top of their social media sites and help them further their business.

One of the things that stood out to me was using social media measuring tools. I did not realize there was such a tool to help measure your social media sites and how audience is responding to your posts. One of the one that has help me to understand my audience is the Insights on Facebook, since viewing the Insights on Facebook it has help me understand what my audience is looking for and how they respond to my post. Now that I have a better understanding of this tool I apply it to my everyday findings when I look at my Facebook page and will continue using it in the future.

In conclusion I have come to like social media sites and what they have to offer to both personal and a business stand point. This course has taught me to open up my mind and see what’s out there in the social media world and how to utilize all of the different tools that are offered. It has shown me the benefits for business having social media sites, how they can use them and they can improve upon them.



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