Social Media Measurement Tools

This week in our social media class we discussed social media measurement tools, and how businesses can use them to monitor the social media tools they use. The assignment for this week is to research three different social media measurement tools, or services describing the pros and cons of each tool. I have chosen to write about Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Sysomos. I will describe what each measurement tool is, the pros or cons about each tool and how business can use the data that each tool provides to measure and improve their social media outreach.

Let’s start off with Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers a verity of tools that you can use to measure the amount of traffic to your website or social media sites you use, and uses real time activity as it happens. The great features offered are My Dashboard that calculates daily visits, traffic types, and time on site by country. The standard reporting option allows business to monitor the measure of impact of social media by providing metrics with conversion rates and monetary value. It also shows who is sharing and referring your sites and where they are sharing it from. It gives businesses a better understanding who is interested in their business, and where people are seeing it. Google Analytics is a benefit for businesses so they can monitor the outreach their websites and social media sites are getting. They can see exactly what needs improvement on their sites, who they should be targeting so they can spend more time on their customer’s needs opposed to uploading content that customers are really not responding to not to mention its free to use.

The next social media measurement tool I will be discussing is Facebook Insights. This can be found if you have a Facebook Page. As a Facebook Page owner I knew it existed but I did not know exactly what it was used for until I had a good look at it. I was amazed by how much data it records for you. It shows page owners how many likes you have one your page, friends of fans, people talking about this, and weekly total outreach. It provides a chart that shows the report and days that are most popular and how many people responded to the post. It’s a great tool for business to use to monitor all of the above mention and shows where your page needs improvement. It also allows business to export the date into Excel so they can use the data in reports or for a later time. I was quite pleased at what it offers and how user friendly it was to use and it’s free for the page owners. I recommend this tool for business that have a Facebook page so they have a better understanding of what content is popular on their page, the best days to post their content and how they are reaching their customers.

Lastly is Sysomos. It provides social media measuring for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and more. It’s a more in-depth measuring tool that helps measure, monitor, engage and understand social media. It provides instant access to all social media conversations. Sysomos offers a verity of features such as automated sentiment, engagement central, and connects with Google Analytics. It also provides reporting threw email, dashboard widgets, pdf reports and CSVs and a detail graph of demographics. This is great for business to use for a more in-depth look at their measurements and a better understanding of what they should be doing to increase their traffic flow to their sites. The down fall for Sysomos is that unlike the free use of Google Analytics and Facebook insights, Sysomos cost to use it.

In conclusion social media measurement tools are a great asset to business to find out what works and what does not work for their site. It will give them a better understanding of what their customers are responding to and when the best times are to post them. I would recommend these tools to business that are using social media sites as I know myself it has started to benefit my business sites.



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