Social Media Planning

Welcome to my week number eleven blog post. This week’s blog post is to write a social media plan for a fictional company Extreme Promotional Materials. I will be giving a layout of a social media plan to help the company utilize social media tools for their company and why it is important to use them.  


Extreme Promotional Materials will be using the following social media plan to guide the company towards a successful social plan strategy. This plan should be implemented in the social media planning so the company has a clear understanding on why they are using social media tools and why it is important to use them for the company. It will pave a better line for the company on what to use the social media plan, how to use the plan, and stay on track of what they are trying to convey on their social media sites.

Mission, Vision, Goals

Extreme Promotional Materials strives to provide quality goods and services to schools, sports leagues and business. By using social media sites it will help get the message across to targeted audience and increase revenue sales. It will also educate potential customers and reoccurring customer on the products and services the company has to offer. It also allows customers to communicate with the company.

Key Messages

Extreme Promotional Materials offers personalized uniforms with lettering, and loges that can be used on jerseys or promotional material such as pens. Extreme Promotional Materials works with quality manufactures to deliver top quality products and strives to establish positive relationships with their customers. Extreme Promotional Materials has approximately twenty employees that work in sales, marketing and printing to achieve their high standard of products and services.

Target Audiences

Extreme Promotional Materials serves schools, leagues and small businesses across all of south eastern Ontario and is looking to expand into other geographic areas. By expanding it will reach more potential clients and build new relationships. With the hope of expanding there geographic area customers that are in these areas will have a chance to see what the company offers before they expand with the hope of gaining new clientele when they expand.

Social Media Tools

The social media tools that Extreme Promotional Materials will be using to help generate more audience and potential customers are Facebook and, Youtube, By using these social media tools it will give the customer a better insight of what Extreme Promotional Materials is about and how they can help with their customer’s needs. Here are some reasons on why Extreme Promotional Materials will be using these social media tools.

Facebook allows the use of real-time interaction that potential and returning customers can use to communicate with Extreme Promotional Materials. Utilizing  photo album and videos, a customer contact section will give customers a better view of what type of products are offered by Extreme Promotional Materials. With a Facebook page the customers can also find out about the company, how to contact them and provide links to their website. The customers have the option to comment on posts that have been posted, ask questions and provide feedback that are answered by the staff of Extreme Promotional Materials.

For more of video advertising Extreme Promotional Materials will use YouTube to promote goods and services they offer. By providing a visual video of what is offered it will give their core audience a better understanding of what they have to offer and why they should purchase from Extreme Promotional Materials. Video content will also help reach schools, sports leagues and business to help educate them on the types of services and produces Extreme Promotional Materials provides.

With these two social media tools it will help get Extreme Promotional Materials name out there and help promote their business. It will keep them up to date with the current technologies that customers and competitors are using. The tools should be used to target schools, leagues and business that are also using the same social media tools and reach other areas that are interested in purchasing from the company when the company expands.

 In conclusion social media planning is important for companies to use in there strategies to become successful when using social media tools. It will pave the picture they are trying to convey to their customer and keep on top of their social media status by posting frequent information about the company. It will also insure that daily to weekly post are kept up with so customers have something to come back for.





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