Making a Digital Foot Print

This week in our social media class we discussed personal branding and making a digital foot print. The assignment for this week is to discuss how you plan to enhance and improve your digital foot print and build a personal brand. I will be sharing the steps I plan to achieve my digital foot print and person branding, how and why I would take these steps and why this step would be an effective.

One of the steps I would take and continue to take is Google searching myself at least once a week. By doing this it will show me what search engines have about me and the sites my name is associated to, so I can make sure that everything with my name is clean and there is no bad stuff about me. It will also help potential employers find me and potentially help me land a good job. It will also give me a good base to get my name out there.

Facebook is also an important key I think to a digital foot print. By having a Facebook page it helps people understand a bit of who you are as a person. By making sure there is no bad posting on my Facebook page or negative feedback including pictures. I will monitor the page more closely to make sure no one else is posting that should not be posted on my page. I have untagged some photos that I do not want shown on the internet and have even ask some people to take them down. I have also increased my security to who can see certain things on my page. It is important to do these steps to help my professional profile. I would like to be seen as who I really am as a person.

One of the best ways to help with a good job is by using Linked In. It will help me better connect with people and businesses. It is important because it is my online resume that employers can see to get a better sense of how I am. I do have to work on getting to know the site better but I will continue to work on learning how to use it.

These are the way I plan on using to start my digital foot print and personal branding. Each site will help me grown and help be better understand whats out there. I would engorge others to do this to show them what’s out there about them and let them know what they put on the internet stays on the internet.



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