Social Media Trends

We are already in November and that means I am half way in my Social Media and Emerging Technologies class. This week’s blog assignment is to review the following websites Mashable, Social Media Explore and TechCrunch and choose an article on each site and summarize it. I will describe each of the stories I chose and links back to the original articles.

My first article is from Mashable and it’s called 50% of Web Sales to Occur Via Social Media by 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] by Samantha Murphy, posted on November 1, 2012. Samantha explains how social media sites can bring in revenue, and it’s expected by 2015, thirty billion dollars a year is expected with social commerce sales and with half the sales occurring through social media. Infographic where collected by Vocus a cloud marketing software and stats from Gartner Research showing how brands are using social media sites .

Facebook drives traffic to business website with 26% of it being referral, with about 20% of shoppers that prefer to shop through brands such as Facebook rather than going through the website, and fans that follow certain brands are more likely to purchase from the company then those that are not fans. There are about ten million registered small businesses that use Facebook to advertise on Facebook and find that it is a valuable marketing tool to market their business.

I feel by using these social media site to promote, advertise and market businesses it will help increase revenue and get their name out there for consumers to see. They can have that personal interaction with the business that they would not have through just their website or going into their store.

My second article is from Social Media Explore and its called Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media by Ilana Rabinowitz posted on October 26, 2012. The article is about how it has changed our culture of how it has changed the way we expect to receive responses from people and how it has changed expectations for sharing knowledge with people we know and with the way it affects the way business need to operate. It is also mention how to develop a culture where the employees are the customers and the managers behave like community bosses.

My third article is from TechCrunch and its called OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Raises $4M For Picturelife, An App For Backing Up Your Photos In The Cloud by Ryan Lawler posted on November 2, 2012. The article is about OMGPOP founder Charles Forman who raised 4 million dollars to for his new adventure Picturelife, which is used for backing up, storing and accessing your photo’s all in one place in the internet cloud. It can be used on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPad’s and works on the Mac computers by synchronizing you’re photos all in one place so you can access them at any time. Those that use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumbler can use the app to import and sync there photo’s. You get 5GB of storage space and are operated on a freemium model with the option to upgrade.

Forman founded social gaming startup OMGPOP who was sold to Zynga for $180 million dollars for the mobile app Draw Something which he retained a stake in the company at the time but was not part of the management team for the sale. The investment comes from previous OMPOP investors and Forman has even put in some of his own money with Zynga joining the board of directors. The founding team is made of eight full time employees including Forman and is based in Chicago.

It’s great that Picturelife sync’s with social media sites and you can use them on devices at any time. It will help consumers backup their photo’s so they don’t have to worry about losing them. It would be interesting to try it out just to see what it is all about.

After reviewing these sites I personally would not use them. They do have some good information but I did find it hard to navigate threw them for specific topics relating to businesses. If I had to use one it would have to be Mashable as I found it the easiest to get my information.




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