Flickr and Instagram for Business

Staying connected with your customers is an important key to all businesses. This week’s assignment is to choose two social media tools and write a post describing how you would use them for business. I have chosen to write about Flickr and Instagram. I will be explaining how I would use each of them for business and why I selected both of these social media tools.

Flickr offers a way to show case and promote and advertise your business. Aside from using Facebook for personal and business/companies use Flickr have the option to create a portfolio that customers can see.  By creating a Flickr page it will give customers easier access to the business information and they can keep up to date with current information and photos and video you share online.

One of the big ways I promote my photography business is through a Facebook page and Flickr page.  Potential and current customers can come to my Flickr page for a more in depth look to see what type of work I do and if my style of photography suits them.  I have utilized some of the tools Flickr has to offer such as an about page where customers can go to find information about the business and how to contact me for additional information or book an appointment, photo albums and website integration. A lot of my posting on my Flickr are sample pictures of my work or sneak-peeks of sessions that I have done, so it shows the verity of photography I do.

If I am running a promotion, contest, event or want to advertise for something I also place them on my Flickr page which I can also integrate with my Facebook page.  I find it tends to reach a lot of people especially when people “Like” or comment on a specific post or picture, as it appears in their newsfeed where people on their friends list can see it, and check it out for themselves,  not to mention its free advertisement for your business.

What I also like about having a Flickr pages is the interaction my customers can have with me. Customers have the option for sending private messages, or provide customer feedback and comments. I think of a Flickr and my Facebook page as a one stop shop where you only have to go to one location to get all your information and updates.

The second social media tool I choose is Instagram as it offers some of the same options that Facebook has to offer. You can send instant updates or messages for your views to follow, provide a brief bio with your business information and more importantly show your  photo’s. I would set up my Instagram to show recent my recent work. I would mainly use it for photos, updates, promotions, contest, customer questions and feedbacks.

I feel that these two social media sites are powerful ways of communicating with potential and current customers. With the amount of users on both sites the word of your business gets out there quicker the old school way of paper for promoting and advertising a business.


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