Pet Pawsitive Videos

Welcome to this week’s blog post! In class this week we talked about YouTube, and how businesses/company’s are using YouTube to promote their business with online videos. This week’s assignment is different than the previous blog post assignments. The assignment is to write a detailed post about how you would promote Pet Pawsitive a fictional business using online videos. I will be describing the types of videos I would use to promote Pet Pawsitive, the strategies behind why I would uses these types of videos, and a detailed example of what a video would look like.

To promote Pet Pawsitive I would use advertising, and marketing videos displaying the products and services they offer, current promotions, sales, and contest they are running at the time, making viewers interested in what Pet Pawsitive has to offer. I would also include business information such as mission statement, locations, hours of operation and contact information so viewers can have easy access to the business information. By using advertising and marking strategies it makes the viewers want to come into the store and see for themselves what the business really has to offer over their competitors, get a feel of the business, and see if the store is right for them.

Other types of videos I would use are educational, and informational videos demonstrating helpful techniques viewers can use at home while training their animal(s), to help them better understand how to train them. A Behind the scenes look at the store, and what products they sell as well as employees and trainers as it gives that extra special touch to the viewers.  I would also incorporate videos on community involvement, fundraisers Pet Pawsitive has held or has participated in, to show viewers how they are giving back to their communities as well as the shelters and humane societies they work closely with to give pets a new home. The more information you give to the viewers the better understanding the viewers have on the business.

Here is an example of what a video would look like to promote Pet Pawsitive:

I would get some furry friends and shoot some individual cute scenes with their owners show casing the love and playfulness pets and owner’s have with soft music playing in the background. Once the viewers get into the cute and playfulness of the video, a record scratch sound will play and in comes a funny clip of a dog running in with its owner’s shoe, while his owner is chasing after him with upbeat music playing in the background.  The next couple of clips will include more funny footage of the owner trying to train the dog,  but the dog just not getting it which leads into the introduction of Pet Pawsitive.

Looking to train your pets? You have come to the right place. Pet Pawsitive can help you with all your behavioral problems. We service Belleville and Kingston with certified trainers that focus on providing animal obedience, rehabilitation and service classes to help you and your pet get the best possible training and service you need. You can also purchase all-natural and holistic pet foods and training supplies from each of our store locations. Choose Pet Pawsitive for all your pets needs.

A background video would show footage of the same dog and its owner going into Pet Pawsitive and getting some training lessons from a certified trainer. The conclusion of the video would have the dog and owner leaving pet positive in a calm matter oppose to the dog running around at the beginning of the video.

In conclusion I enjoyed coming up with some ideas on how to make videos to promote  Pet Pawsitive. I think all business should engage in sharing videos to show viewers visuals of what they offer and it promots their business.



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