How Does New York Fries Use Facebook?

This week in my social media class we were introduced to the “king of social media” –Facebook. A powerful tool that allows us to stay connected with family, friends, business/companies, and more. This week’s blog post assignment is to review a business or company on Facebook and analyze how they are using their page and interacting with their customers. I have chosen to do my blog post on New York Fries. I will be discussing page content, how they interact with their customers, and what benefits customers have by going to their page.

New York Fries grabs your attention when you first go to their page with their logo and cover image which is all coordinated with their business colours, and the type of product they sell most which are fries. Their about page gives detailed information about their company such as address, email address, website,  mission statement, description of products, and even how they make them.  At the bottom of their about page they also provide history information such as when they were founded which was 1983, when they took the poutine nationwide in 1989, their expansion into the Middle East in 1998 and Asia in 2002, and in 2011 introduced their Braised Beef and Butter Chicken Poutine. They were also received the award One of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

On their main page customers can ask questions, leave comments, and give customer feedback which typically gets answered within 24 hours of posting. New York Fries also updates their page with new information about products, promotions, or contest that they are running at the time. They just finished friends with benefits contest and there are plans in the works for new game. Customers can also view albums from New York fries such as products, events, and some of their restaurants. These are some of the benefits customers have when they go to New York Fries Facebook page.

Overall New York Fries has put together a good Facbook page, and utilizes their page well with the information they have input on their page to keep their customers up to date.  They keep connected with their customers with quick responses, and offer good customer service that makes their customers want to come back. I have recommend some of my family and friends to their Facebook page for more information on what they offer and the benefits they have by going to their page and would recommend it to others.



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