Bank of Montreal on Twitter Review

Welcome back to another week of my blog assignments! This week we have been introduced to the wonderful world of Twitter, and how businesses use it to interact with their customers. The assignment for this week is to analyze, and record a business’s Twitter page. I have chosen to do my Twitter review on Bank of Montreal. I will touch base on their main purpose of why and what they use their Twitter page for, how to use and access some of the features to interact with Bank of Montreal and how they engage interaction with their customers, and how often they post.

Bank of Montreal has been operating their Twitter page since December 2010 according to When Did You Join Twitter with 3,219 tweets, 4, 518 followers and is following 767 members on their Twitter page. Their primary use for their Twitter page is to interact with their customers whether it is for customer issues, questions, feedback from customers, ideas, and tips. They have also made it easy to contact them utilizing a sidebar picture that gives their customers easy access to quick information such as their main website, telephone number, Facebook page, Youtube Channel, and their Community blog.

Customers can follow Bank of Montreal by clicking on the follow button to keep updated with recent post, and feedback from questions they have asked by using the mention feature @BMO or address a topic by using the hash tag #BMO. Bank of Montreal post everyday so that they can address their customer’s needs so customers usually get a response back within the same day. They display good customer service on their Twitter page, and address their customer’s issues with empathy, and understanding of their customers issues and provide a resolution or solution to the problem.

In conclusion Bank of Montreal uses their Twitter page well and is easy for customers to ask questions and get information easily. They interact with their customers daily and provide the necessary information to their customers that will aid their customer’s needs with the correct tone and understanding. I would recommend Bank of Montreal’s page to anyone I know that does business with them.


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