My Reflection On The World Of Social Media

Today’s blog post is a reflection on social media and its importance in today’s society. I will touch base on my personal thoughts on social media and how it plays a part in everyday living, and the impact it has on businesses. I will share some of the social media websites that I have used to get a better understanding of what they are and why they are used. I will also share some of the down falls to using social media websites and how it has affected some businesses and lives.

When I initially heard about social media websites I will be honest I was a bit confused by them. I wondered to myself what are the benefits of using them and why do people and businesses use them. It’s quite simple actually; social media sites enable people and businesses to communicate in many different ways to get their message across in a timely matter rather than your traditional snail mail service.

Social media sites such as Email, Instant Messaging Services, Facebook, and Twitter allow users to stay more connected with family and friends. It enables more interaction time with those that we would otherwise not connect with on a regular bases. The services offered by these social media sites allow their users to input their thoughts, upload images for others to see, stay up to date with upcoming events and the ability to interact with others instantly.

On a business side of things, businesses use these social media sites because it allows them to reach a wider demographic then they would be able to with the traditional advertising and marketing system. Most businesses have incentives to attract customers to shop with them by using appropriate marketing strategies such as email signups that allows the customers to choose whether or not they want to sign up for special offers the companies are offering. By attracting more customers this way they get more customers to shop with them in turn will benefit the company’s reputation and increase their revenue. It will also decrease the amount of money the company has to spend for advertising and marketing materials.

Some of the downfalls to using social media websites are some businesses are now suffering the loss of costumers because it’s much easier for customers to sit at home, and shop online rather than going into the stores and shop which in turn those companies lose money and people lose their jobs. Take Canada Post for example; these days people are sending out more personal emails then they would a personal letter.

How has social media impacted some lives you may ask? It is sad to say but where there is good there is also bad. Some social media sites have had a negative effect on some people. I find more and more that people are staying home on their computers rather than going out with their family and friends. In today’s generation their social life consists of being on the computer on social media websites. Social media websites can sometimes be a dumping ground for bullying, cheating, brake ups and some have even lead to suicide, all of which is not to be taken lightly.

In conclusion, social media websites are a good way to connect and network with people and businesses and get your messages across in a timely matter. It allows you to keep up to date on current events that are happening around you. It is up to you how you use it and what the benefits of these social media websites have to offer you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my perspective on social media websites and I look forward to learning more on what social media has to offer and what other social media sites are out there.

– Janice P


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